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Sanmen bus station

Sanmen County (Tai-chow dialect: Sæn-meng Yön; Simplified Chinese: 三门县; Hanyu Pinyin: Sānmén Xiàn) is a county under the jurisdiction of Taizhou city/Municipality in Zhejiang Province of the People's Republic of China. The county's total area is 1072 square kilometers, and its population is 400,000 people. The county's postal code is 317100. The county government is located at 59 Renmin Road, in the town of Haiyou.

Sanmen Nuclear Power Station is under construction since 2009.

Sanmen Crab is well known in China for its delicious taste.[citation needed]


During the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese forced the Italians to give up on a demand to hand over Sanmen Bay to them.[1][2]

Administrative regions[edit]

The County administers ten towns, four townships, eight residential areas, and 511 administrative villages.

Towns: Haiyou, Shaliu, Zhuao, Tingpang, Liuao, Hengdu, Jiantiao, Lipu, Huaqiao, and Xiaoxiong.

Townships: Gaojian, Yanchi, Silin, and Shepan.


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Coordinates: 29°7′N 121°22′E / 29.117°N 121.367°E / 29.117; 121.367