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Sanmon Gossip
The face, arm and knee of a crouching naked woman.
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 24, 2009 (2009-06-24) (Japan)
June 24, 2009 (2009-06-24) (Korea)
June 26, 2009 (2009-06-26) (Taiwan)
Genrejazz pop, acid jazz
LabelEMI Music Japan (Distributor)
Virgin Music (Label)
ProducerBakeneko Killer[1]
(Ringo Sheena & Uni Inoue)
Ringo Sheena chronology
Watashi to Hōden
Sanmon Gossip

Saturday Night Gossip

Sanmon Gossip (三文ゴシップ, "The Threepenny Gossip"), also known as Superficial Gossip, is the fourth studio album by Japanese singer-songwriter Ringo Sheena, released on June 24, 2009 in Japan through EMI Music Japan and Virgin Music. The album debuted at number 1 with 120,446 units sold and is certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. [2][3]


It was 2 years and 4 months since she had last released an album under the name Ringo Sheena, and was also the first time in about six years since she released an album on her own because her previous album, Heisei Fūzoku, was released as a joint project with Neko Saito.

Ringo Sheena composed all 14 songs, and she collaborated with various musicians and producers such as Neko Saito, Takayuki Hattori, Masayuki Hiizumi, Ukigumo, Soil & "Pimp" Sessions. Each song was given the various elements, such as pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop, and orchestra.

All songs, except 2 songs "Karisome Otome" and "Marunouchi Sadistic," are new compositions. "Karisome Otome (Death Jazz ver.)", released before by digital distribution, is featured on the album and "Marunouchi Sadistic (Expo Ver.)," used as background music at the ending of her concert "Ringo Expo 08", is featured as a bonus track.

The track list is symmetric about the middle song (excluding the bonus track "Marunouchi Sadistic (Expo Ver.)"), as has been the case with all her albums except Muzai Moratorium.

This album title comes from the Gibson SG, an idea which she hit upon before Heisei Fūzoku was completed. Although she was charmed by the shape of the SG, she had not used it. At that time she thought that she would make the album of the jacket using an SG and that started the naming of this album. She associated the word "Sanmon" with "S" and the word "Gossip" with "G", which are her favorite words.

The song "Shun" was covered by R&B musician Daichi Miura on his tour Daichi Miura Live Tour 2010: Gravity on November 20, 2009.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Ringo Sheena unless otherwise noted; all music composed by Ringo Sheena.

1."vogue (流行, Ryūkō)"
Masayuki Hiizumi & Ringo Sheena4:16
2."blue collar (労働者, Rōdōsha)" Takafumi Ikeda5:01
3."clandestine (密偵物語, Mittei Monogatari)"Jack BrownTakayuki Hattori3:10
4."original intention (〇地点から, Zero Chiten Kara)" Nobuhiko Nakayama & Bakeneko Killer[1]3:18
5."temporary virgin (カリソメ乙女, Karisome Otome)" Soil & "Pimp" Sessions2:29
6."the leading hitter (都合のいい身体, Tsugō no Ii Karada)" Neko Saitō3:14
7."season (, Shun)" 
8."just the two of us (二人ぼっち時間, Futari-bocchi Jikan)" Neko Saitō3:05
9."fake fellow (マヤカシ優男, Mayakashi Yasaotoko)" Soil & "Pimp" Sessions3:57
10."sharp practice (尖った手◻︎, Togatta Teguchi)"
Nobuhiko Nakayama & Mr. Drunk[4] & Bakeneko Killer[1]3:02
11."excitement (色恋沙汰, Irokoizata)" Takayuki Hattori3:00
12."ordinary ability (凡才肌, Bonsai Hada)" coba & Ringo Sheena3:48
13."alone (余興, Yokyō)" Yukio Nagoshi3:53
14."Marunouchi Sadistic (丸の内サディスティック, Marunouchi Sadisutikku)" (Expo Ver.) Ukigumo2:59
Total length:50:05


  • All the official English titles are given at Ringo Sheena's website.[6]


Charts and certifications[edit]


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