Sanna (Inn)

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Landslide above Sanna in 2005

Sanna is a river in Austria formed near Tobadill by the confluence of the rivers Rosanna (35 km, from Arlberg and Stanzertal valley) and Trisanna (35 km, from Silvretta and Paznaun).

The tributary to the Inn River is only 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) long and considered one of the shortest rivers in Europe, with the places Pians, Grins and Landeck situated at its waterfront.

The whitewater river is used for kayaking and was the site of the 1996 world championships.

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Coordinates: 47°08′38″N 10°33′53″E / 47.1439°N 10.5646°E / 47.1439; 10.5646