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Mount Sannine as seen from Beirut

The Sannine Zenith Lebanon is a construction project that will cover a surface area of approximately 96 million square meters nearly 1 percent of Lebanon will be located in the area of Bidnayel and Sulugi, which begins east of Faraya and ends in the Bekaa. According to Jean Abou Rached, the chairman of As-Salam company and the real estate developer behind the project, Sannine Zenith would cost $1.4 billion. The environment will be the main theme behind Sannine Zenith, since 70 percent of the land will be completely free of construction and some one million trees will be planted. The project as planned includes three separate villages: the International Sports Village, the Eco Farm Village and the Lake View Village; each will be architecturally distinctive from the others.


Located within a mountain range, Sannine Zenith Lebanon is a four-season resort destination in the Middle East. The community harbors a variety of family and sports activities geared for all seasons. By using both natural and man-made snow the project produces the largest and skiing facilities, encompassing 59 skiing slopes levelled towards professionals as well as leisure skiers, but also a ski resort with stunning scenery. The mountain peaks vary between the summits; ranging in altitude between 2,000 meters and 2,600 meters and will contain a high altitude golf course.


Mount Sannine is geographically placed in the centre of Lebanon. The site of Sannine Zenith Lebanon covers approximately 50 million square meters of the Western and Eastern peaks and plateaus of Mount Sannine.

The site spreads over a variety of altitudes that range between 1,400 meters to 2,600 meters above sea level.


Vineyards near Zahlé, in the central Beqaa Valley where the project ends

The Master Plan brings forth a study of both environment and water management, a detailed study of ski slopes with an area requirement study, and a pair of golf courses and area requirement study. A market study and a feasibility study have been concluded while additional market studies are continuously conducted to update data and follow market trends in real estate as they emerge. A sizeable portion of the land will be treated as a natural reserve zone for reforestation and will be equipped with various outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, camping, activities for scouts, cycling and many other activities.

The Central Hub

Geographically located in the centre of the site, this area is planned as the project’s prime public attraction, and a destination for non-residents. Housing a series of small hotels, commercial facilities, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and movie theatres. The central hub will assure parking facilities within touching distance of the main ski lifts.

The Villages

Several villages will be developed each with a particular and distinctive character; in contrast, with the main node these villages will ensure more privacy, a higher degree of exclusivity and seclusion to the residents. All villages will contain a center affording common activities.


Right from the very onset of the project the infrastructure studies conducted were aimed at ensuring that infrastructure items could be constructed, as well as developing a budget for feasibility studies. In addition, the project is equipped with one central heliport located within the Mountain Village vicinity and is designed to maintain comfort and practicality for project users.


Sannine Zenith Lebanon will be equipped with a snow clearing station and snowplows. This is in line with other ski resorts in the area and where procedures laid down by the Ministry of Public Works for the clearance of snow from public roads and private resort roads in winter are carried out in full accordance.

The Sannine project reaches to Lebanon's capital, Beirut

Skiing Slopes

The Northern part of the site equipped with the most appropriate skiing slopes, will be completely dedicated to skiing activities and preserved as virgin land. Offering a variety of skiing activities the ski slopes will extend their pleasures with slopes ranging from those for beginners to those for advanced skiing, for cross-country skiing and for snowboarding and from elevations ranging from 2,000 meters of altitude to 2,500 meters of altitude.

A technical study was conducted to test the viability of the ski slopes and to assess the technical feasibility of skiing on the site. These studies also revealed that the length and slope variety of Sannine Zenith Lebanon are comparable to international ski resorts worldwide.


There has been no news of the development since 2007 amid speculation it has been put on hold. The website has also been discontinued.

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