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Mahathammaracha (Thai: มหาธรรมราชา; IPA: [mä˥.häː˩˦.tʰä̃m˧.mä˥.räː˧.t͡ɕʰäː˧]; "Great Pious King"), or the extended version Mahathammarachathirat (Thai: มหาธรรมราชาธิราช; IPA: [mä˥.häː˩˦.tʰä̃m˧.mä˥.räː˧.t͡ɕʰäː˧.tʰi˥.räːt̚˥˩]; "Great Pious King of Kings"), was a Thai exalted title given to the Buddha. The title was also given to rulers of Sukhothai, an ancient kingdom in Thailand, and may refer: