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Sansodor is a brand of odorless mineral spirit (OMS) produced by Winsor & Newton, a fine arts company based in the United Kingdom.

Application: Sansodor is a highly refined odorless mineral spirit that is used to dilute (thin) artists' oil paints and is also used to dilute oil media (linseed oils, alkyd media, etc.). To conform to the "fat over lean" rule in oil painting, Sansodor should be considered a "lean" medium (although, technically it is a thinner) and, therefore, used mostly in the initial layers of a painting. The addition of "fat" media like alkyd (faster drying) and linseed (slower drying) are progressively added into the subsequent layers of the painting in conformance to the "fat over lean" rule. Another guideline to follow is to use faster drying media (like alkyd) in the lower layers of the painting and use slower drying media (like linseed) in the later layers to ensure the bottom layers dry first. Although Sansodor can be used to reduce the viscosity of these media (thick media like stand oil and alkyds) to increase their flow, it should never exceed 50% of any oil paint medium mixture to ensure proper pigment bonding.

Sansodor is compatible with most brands of oil paints and media and can also be used as a brush cleaner for oil, water-soluble oil, and alkyd painting.

Safety: Sansodor is odorless but should be used in a well ventilated areas at all times. Sansodor as an Odorless Mineral Spirit (OMS) is just as toxic as regular Mineral Spirit even though the aromatic components has been removed. OMS is a hydrocarbon that evaporates entirely and always produces toxic fumes. Sansodor also has a higher personal exposure limit (OSHA TLV of 300 ppm) compared to turpentine (a TLV of 100 ppm), or three times less hazardous than turpentine. Sansodor also has a slower evaporation rate than turpentine which makes it safer than turpentine in terms of inhalation risks. Sansodor because it is a form of petroleum hydrocarbon is volatile in high temperatures (it has a flash point of 174 degrees fahrenheit) so care should be taken to store it in a cool place.

Sansodor has been evaluated by the Arts & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) and bears the Caution Label(CL). The Caution Label signifies that Sansodor can be handled safely if the directions on the container or packaging are followed. When used in properly supervised and controlled conditions, such products can be enjoyed with complete safety.