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Church of Saint Athanasius
Sant’Atanasio (in Italian)
S. Athanasii (in Latin)
Chiesa di Sant'Atanasio.jpg
Facade of Sant'Atanasio.
Basic information
  1. 150 Via del Babuino, Rome, Italy
Geographic coordinates 41°54′28″N 12°28′46″E / 41.907886°N 12.479437°E / 41.907886; 12.479437Coordinates: 41°54′28″N 12°28′46″E / 41.907886°N 12.479437°E / 41.907886; 12.479437
Affiliation Catholic
Rite Byzantine Rite
Province Lazio
Country Italy
Ecclesiastical or organizational status National Church in Rome of Greece, Titular church
Leadership Lucian Mureșan
Website Official website
Architectural description
Architect(s) Martino Longhi the Elder
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Baroque
Groundbreaking 1580
Completed 1583

The Church of Saint Athanasius (Italian: Sant’Atanasio, Latin: S. Athanasii), also known as Sant'Atanasio dei Greci, is a Roman Catholic titular church in Rome, built for use of a Greek College for the formation of Catholic clergy in the Eastern Rite, upon the formation of the Congregation of the Greeks by Pope Gregory XIII. In 1872 the church was entrusted to the Congregation for the Oriental Churches. On the 22 February 1962 Pope John XXIII granted it a titular church as a seat for Cardinals.[1] At present the Titulus San Athanasii is held by Lucian Cardinal Mureșan.


The main layout was designed by Giacomo della Porta. The facade is placed between two towers covered with domes, which is divided into two horizontal bands by a marble ledge. Either side of a large window is written an inscription, one in Greek and the other in Latin in honor of Saint Athanasius. On the left stands a tower clock, donated by Pope Clement XIV in 1771, which faces the palace of the Pontifical Greek College.

List of Cardinal Priests[edit]