Sant Andreu de Palomar

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Sant Andreu de Palomar church

San Andrés de Palomar (in Catalan and officially Sant Andreu de Palomar) is a neighborhood and the oldest part of the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona. It was an independent old town with over 1,000 years of recorded history before being annexed to Barcelona on April 20, 1897.

It has an area of 174 hectares and has a population of about 55,000 inhabitants. Its boundaries are: the street Rovira i Virgili, old Riera de Horta, Paseo de Santa Coloma, the Meridiana Avenue and the railroad tracks.

Coordinates: 41°26′7.98″N 2°11′24.58″E / 41.4355500°N 2.1901611°E / 41.4355500; 2.1901611