Sant Joan de Labritja

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Sant Joan de Labritja

San Juan Bautista (Spanish)
Village & Municipality
The village of Sant Joan de Labritja
The village of Sant Joan de Labritja
Official seal of Sant Joan de Labritja
Municipal location
Municipal location
Sant Joan de Labritja is located in Ibiza
Sant Joan de Labritja
Sant Joan de Labritja
Location in Ibiza
Sant Joan de Labritja is located in Balearic Islands
Sant Joan de Labritja
Sant Joan de Labritja
Sant Joan de Labritja (Balearic Islands)
Sant Joan de Labritja is located in Spain
Sant Joan de Labritja
Sant Joan de Labritja
Sant Joan de Labritja (Spain)
Coordinates: 39°4′40″N 1°30′48″E / 39.07778°N 1.51333°E / 39.07778; 1.51333
Country Spain
RegionBalearic Islands
 • Total6,200
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Sant Joan de Labritja (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈsaɲ ʒuˈan də ləˈβɾidʒə], Spanish: San Juan Bautista) is a village and municipality of the Balearic Islands on northern Ibiza. Among others, the resorts of Portinatx and Cala de Sant Vicent are located there. The actual village of Sant Joan is a quiet street, dominated by an imposing Christian church, and is the meeting point of Sant Joan de Labritja Municipal Council. One may find several small cafés and restaurants (including the locally well-known Vista Alegre, as well as a taxi rank,outside the Municipal Council building and the local office of the Guardia Civil, the Spanish Civil Guard. Towards the west of the village is the origin of the Torrent de Labritja, a tributary of the Riu de Santa Eulária, the Balearic Island's only constant-flowing river, although the Torrent only contains water during the winter months; throughout the tourist season, the stream is a dry river bed full of green vegetation.


For many years, especially throughout much of the 20th century, the municipality was known by its Spanish name, San Juan Bautista. However, in 1981, following the establishment of the Autonomous Region of the Balearic Islands, where Catalan was the official language, all place names were reverted to their Catalan names, in this case it became Sant Joan de Labritja.


The municipality is the least-populated municipality in Ibiza, and is almost entirely rural. The village of Portinatx on the northern coast is the only major tourist resort as well as the western port of Sant Miquel (San Miguel).




The municipality encompasses the following towns and villages:

Town/village Population (2005)
Cala de Portinatx 458
Cala de Sant Vicent 117
Sant Miquel de Balansat
Port de Sant Miquel 109
Sant Joan de Labritja 956
Sant Llorenç de Balàfia 1341
Sant Miquel de Balansat 1544
Sant Vicent de sa Cala 313

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Coordinates: 39°04′39″N 1°30′49″E / 39.07750°N 1.51361°E / 39.07750; 1.51361

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