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Exterior of Restaurant Sant Pau (Sant Pol de Mar).

Sant Pau is a Spanish restaurant in Sant Pol de Mar, Catalonia (Spain), a town between Barcelona and Girona. In 2009 it was awarded three Michelin stars[1] and three Campsa-Repsol suns. Its chef is Carme Ruscalleda, and the dining room is directed by Toni Balam. In 2006 Sant Pau opened a branch in Chuo-ku, Tokyo[2] which currently has 2 Michelin stars.[3]


  • 1992 They represent Catalan cooking in Sevilla's Universal Exposition.
  • 1995 Price Best Chef, by the guide Lo mejor de la gastronomía
  • Medalla al Mèrit Cívic, by Obra del Ballet Popular
  • 1997 Price Restaurant Of the Year, by Gourmetour
  • 1998 Premio Nacional de Gastronomía, by Academia Española de Gastronomía, Cofradía de la Buena Mesa and Secretaría de Estado y Turismo de España.
  • Price Sánchez Cotán, by Academia Española de Gastronomía
  • Price Davidoff
  • Price Nadal de la Gastronomia for being the Restaurant of the Year
  • Price Chef of the Year to Carme Ruscalleda
  • 2000 Price Golden Chef to Carme Ruscalleda, by Intxaurrondoko Gastronomi Elkartea
  • 2001 Price Dona Emprenedora to Carme Ruscalleda, by FIDEM
  • 2004 Price Restaurant Of the Year, by Gourmetour
  • 2008 Creu de Sant Jordi to Carme Ruscalleda, by Generalitat de Catalunya

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Coordinates: 41°36′09″N 2°37′25″E / 41.60250°N 2.62361°E / 41.60250; 2.62361