Santa Ana metro station

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Santiago Metro logo.png Santa Ana
Santiago Metro station
Santa Ana station on the Line 2.
Coordinates 33°26′17.35″S 70°39′35.69″W / 33.4381528°S 70.6599139°W / -33.4381528; -70.6599139Coordinates: 33°26′17.35″S 70°39′35.69″W / 33.4381528°S 70.6599139°W / -33.4381528; -70.6599139
Line(s) Santiago de Chile L2.svg Line 2
Santiago de Chile L5.svg Line 5
Platforms 2 side platforms at each line
Tracks 2 per line
Connections Transantiago buses
Disabled access Yes
Opened September 15, 1987 (Line 2)
March 2, 2000 (Line 5)[1]
Preceding station   Santiago Metro   Following station
Line 2
toward La Cisterna
Line 5

Santa Ana is a transfer station between Line 2 and Line 5 of the Santiago Metro. It was initially a single-line station on Line 2, subsequently in 1998, the station began to be adapted to become a transfer station, as a part of the extension of Line 5 from Baquedano metro station to Santa Ana station, in which the New Austrian Tunnelling method was used.[1]

The older portion of the station occupies part of the central reservation of the Autopista Central, which is sunken. Two street-level mezzanines at the northern and southern extremes of the station are connected with bridges traversing the highway.

The station receives its name from the nearby Santa Ana church.


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