Santa Barbara Beach, Curaçao

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Santa Barbara Beach is located in ABC islands (Lesser Antilles)
Santa Barbara Beach
Santa Barbara Beach
Location of Santa Barbara Beach on Nieuwport,Curacao

Santa Barbara Beach is a beach on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, located to the south of Willemstad.

The terrain is property of a mining company, close by an ancient phosphate mine can still be found. The beach is accessible to the public paying an entrance fee of $50. A landmark on the beach is Table Mountain. Close by is Curação Underwater Beach Park.

There is a luxury resort with a marina and golf court. There also are several mansion houses. This beach is Dutch/Spanish.

This beach is located in Nieuwport, Curaçao.


Coordinates: 12°03′30″N 68°50′00″W / 12.05833°N 68.83333°W / 12.05833; -68.83333