Santa Clara Indian Reservation

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Indians of Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico, making pottery, 1916

The Santa Clara Indian Reservation is an Indian reservation in north-central New Mexico, United States. It is the homeland of a branch of the Pueblo people of Native Americans. The reservation lies on 76.73 sq mi (198.729 km²) of southern Rio Arriba, northeastern Sandoval, and northern Santa Fe Counties. It includes the community (census designated place) of Santa Clara Pueblo, as well as parts of three other communities. The total population living on Santa Clara Pueblo land as of the 2000 census was 10,658 persons. Most of the population lives in the northeastern corner of the reservation. The largest community on reservation land is the city of Española, although a part of the city is not on reservation territory.



Coordinates: 35°58′42″N 106°12′18″W / 35.97833°N 106.20500°W / 35.97833; -106.20500