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The Santa Clara Unified School District operates sixteen elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (6-8, unless otherwise noted), three high schools (9-12), and one K-12 school in Santa Clara, California, the Alviso neighborhood of San Jose, and parts of Sunnyvale teaching 14451 students. The district is very diverse, with Hispanics, Caucasians, and Asians having an almost equal representation.

School Name City Students FTE Teachers Pupil/Teacher Ratio School Level Low Grade High Grade
Bowers Elementary School Santa Clara 403 21 19.2 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Bracher Elementary School Santa Clara 386 19.8 19.5 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Braly Elementary School Sunnyvale 307 16.6 18.5 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Briarwood Elementary School Santa Clara 414 23.6 17.5 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Buchser Middle School Santa Clara 885 42.6 20.8 Middle 6th Grade 8th Grade
Cabrillo Middle School Santa Clara 883 40 22.1 Middle 6th Grade 8th Grade
Don Callejon K-8 School Santa Clara 749 21 16.9 K-8 Kindergarten 8th Grade
Hughes Elementary School Santa Clara 410 21 19.5 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Laurelwood Elementary School Santa Clara 556 29.2 19 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Mayne Elementary School Alviso 452 25.9 17.5 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Millikin Elementary School Santa Clara 365 15 24.3 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Montague Elementary School Santa Clara 398 21.5 18.5 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
New Valley Continuation High School Santa Clara 169 11 15.4 High 10th Grade 12th Grade
Peterson Middle School Sunnyvale 1265 54.1 23.4 Middle 6th Grade 8th Grade
Pomeroy Elementary School Santa Clara 506 25.6 19.8 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Ponderosa Elementary School Sunnyvale 500 28.3 17.7 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Santa Clara High School Santa Clara 1573 69.7 22.6 High 9th Grade 12th Grade
Scott Lane Elementary School Santa Clara 439 26 16.9 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Sutter Elementary School Santa Clara 360 20.2 17.8 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Washington Open Elementary School Santa Clara 349 17.4 20.1 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Westwood Elementary School Santa Clara 468 22 21.3 Primary Kindergarten 5th Grade
Adrian C. Wilcox High School Santa Clara 1908 82.2 23.2 High 9th Grade 12th Grade
Wilson Alternative School Santa Clara 273 9.9 27.6 Other Kindergarten 12th Grade

Note: Based on 2002-2003 school year data In recent years, SCUSD has also added Gateway School, an intervention program for grades 9 & 10, and for students who either are not prepared for the comprehensive high school or have had tremendous academic difficulty in getting to 9th grade.

SCUSD also has a dual enrollment program at Mission College called Mission Middle College Program. This is an alternative educational program that is based upon the dual enrollment model of 50% community college enrollment and 50% high school enrollment. Students self-select and apply to the program and then are enrolled in their junior year. This program is almost invisible in the district as there is uneven levels of administrative support despite the program's college acceptance and attendance results.

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