Santa Clara Valley Water District

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Santa Clara Valley Water District
Water district overview
Formed 1968 (1968-MM)
Preceding agencies
  • Santa Clara Valley Water Conservation District
  • Santa Clara County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
HeadquartersSan Jose, California
Water district executive
  • Norma Camacho, Chief Executive Officer[1]

The Santa Clara Valley Water District (also known as Valley Water) provides stream stewardship, wholesale water supply and flood protection for Santa Clara County, California, in the southern San Francisco Bay Area. The district encompasses all of the county's 1,300 square miles (3,400 km2) and serves the area's 15 cities, 2 million residents and more than 200,000 commuters. The district's three water treatment plants can produce as much as 210,000,000 US gallons (800,000 m3) of drinking water a day. Another part of the district's mission is to manage flood and storm waters along the county's hundreds of miles of creeks and rivers in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Dams owned by the district[edit]

The district owns many dams, including:[2]


In December 2010 the Santa Clara Valley Water District was chosen as the water agency award recipient for the California Sustainability Alliance's Sustainability Showcase Award.[3] This award honors the District's commitment to sustainability as shown through their award-winning water use efficiency and conservation program.[4]


The Santa Clara Valley Water District is governed by 7 elected directors. Gary Kremen, the engineer and entrepreneur who made money in online dating, founded the personals site, was the first registrant of, and founded Clean Power Finance, is the Chair of the Board.[5]


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