Santa Cruz da Baixa Verde

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Santa Cruz da Baixa Verde is a city in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The population in 2009, according with IBGE was 12.209 inhabitants and the total area is 114.93 km².



The main economic activities in Santa Cruz da Baixa Verde are based in commerce and agribusiness, especially creation of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens; and plantations of sugarcane and beans.

Economic Indicators[edit]

Population [1] GDP x(1000 R$).[2] GDP pc (R$) PE
12.209 28.671 2.470 0.045%

Economy by Sector 2006

Primary sector Secondary sector Service sector
11.96% 7.86% 80.18%

Health Indicators[edit]


HDI (2000) Hospitals (2007) Hospitals beds (2007) Children's Mortality every 1000 (2005)
0.655 --- --- 34.0


Coordinates: 7°49′S 38°10′W / 7.817°S 38.167°W / -7.817; -38.167