Santa Cruz del Islote

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Santa Cruz del Islote
Santa Cruz del Islote.jpg
Country Colombia
Coordinates 9°47′9″N 75°51′33″W / 9.78583°N 75.85917°W / 9.78583; -75.85917Coordinates: 9°47′9″N 75°51′33″W / 9.78583°N 75.85917°W / 9.78583; -75.85917
Length 0.2 km (0 mi)
Width 0.12 km (0 mi)
Area 0.012 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population 1,247
Density 103,917/km2 (269,144/sq mi)

Santa Cruz del Islote (English: Santa Cruz Islet or Holy Cross Islet) is an island located off the coast of Bolívar Department in Colombia.[1] It is a part of the Archipelago of San Bernardo.[1] Its significant population compared with its small size results in its being the most densely populated island on Earth.[2]


It can be accessed by a ferry ride from the port of Tolu. The residents have to use neighboring islands as cemetery[2] and recreation grounds, while the residents work on the mainland instead of on the island. The students attend school on the neighboring mainland.[citation needed] The Mucura Island Hotels are a prime source of work for the residents.

A map of Archipelago of San Bernardo. Santa Cruz del Islote is located in the upper-left of the map.

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