Santa Fe Provincial Police

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Santa Fe Provincial Police
Policía de la Provincia de Santa Fe
Abbreviation PPSF
Policia santafe emblem.png
Patch of the Santa Fe Provincial Police
Agency overview
Formed 1864; 153 years ago (1864) [1]
Employees 17,800 (as of December 2013) [2]
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Governing body Santa Fe Province (Argentina)
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Santa Fe, Argentina
Agency executive Omar Odriozola, Chief of Police
Stations 19 [2]
Police website
* Divisional agency: Sub division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

The Policía de la Provincia de Santa Fe (Santa Fe Province Police, PPSF) is an Argentine police agency, responsible for policing the Santa Fe Province.


The first police functions were ejecutioned by Majors and Councilor designed by the Cablido, which was the Government of the Province by then.

By 1578 Councilor Don Bernabé de Luxán established that Major , as stated in the records of the Cabildo of Santa Fe. After the wars for the Independence of Argentina, the Cabildo would be lose representativeness

In 1833, with the purpose of "solving the administration of the Province of Santa Fe", it was promulgated a regulation that established the position of Chief of Police (amongst others) that had been carried out by the Cabildo until then.[1]


A new set of ranks have been in use since 2007:

  • Director General de Policia (Director General of Police)
  • Director de Policia (Director of Police),
  • Subdirector de Policia (Deputy Director of Police),
  • Comisario Supervisor (Commissioner Supervisor),
  • Comisario (Commissioner),
  • Subcomisario (Deputy Commissioner),
  • Inspector (Inspector),
  • Subinspector (Deputy Inspector),
  • Official de Policia (Police Officer),
  • Suboficial de Policia (Police deputy Officer)

This makes the SFPP one of several that sport a unique rank system.

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