Santa Luzia, Cape Verde

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Santa Luzia Island (Cabo Verde), aerial view
Santa Luzia
Native name: Santa Luzia
Santa Luzia.svg
Locator map of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde.png
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 16°45′41″N 24°44′38″W / 16.76139°N 24.74389°W / 16.76139; -24.74389
Area 35 km2 (14 sq mi)
Highest elevation 395 m (1,296 ft)
Highest point Monte Grande
Cape Verde
Concelhos (Municipalities) São Vicente

Santa Luzia (Portuguese for Saint Lucy) is an island of the Barlavento archipelago in Cape Verde located between São Nicolau and São Vicente. The area is 35 km² (some reads 34 km²). The highest point is Monte Grande elevating 395 m. Home to a small agricultural population in the eighteenth century, desertification led to its abandonment, while it later acted as a hermitage. It is home to a unique lizard. In the 20th century, a meteorology station was built.

Coordinates: 16°45′41″N 24°44′38″W / 16.76139°N 24.74389°W / 16.76139; -24.74389