Santa María Rupes

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Santa María Rupes
Santa Maria Rupes, as photographed by Mariner 10
Feature type Rupes
Coordinates 5°30′N 19°42′W / 5.5°N 19.7°W / 5.5; -19.7Coordinates: 5°30′N 19°42′W / 5.5°N 19.7°W / 5.5; -19.7
Eponym Santa María

Santa María Rupes is an escarpment on Mercury at 5.5°N, 19.7°W. It is named after Santa María, a ship used by Christopher Columbus. The term "rupes" is the Latin word for cliff. And the name Santa María Rupes are named after the Santa Maria, the ship of Christopher Columbus because all rupes are named after the ships of famous explorers on Mercury.