Santa María de la Oliva

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Interior of La Oliva Abbey.
Exterior view.

The abbey of Santa María la Real de la Oliva, or simply La Oliva, is an active Cistercian monastery in Carcastillo, Navarre, Spain.

Construction at the site is attributed first in 1134 to King García Ramírez of Navarre, known as the restorer. This king died in 1150 and the same year the abbey was founded, or refounded, as an offshoot of the Morimond and Escaladieu Abbeys.

It is protected as a historic monument (Ex-monasterio Cisterciense de Santa María de la Oliva).

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Coordinates: 42°22′18.8394″N 1°28′2.28″W / 42.371899833°N 1.4673000°W / 42.371899833; -1.4673000