Santa Maria College, Perth

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Santa Maria College
Santa Maria College crest. Source: (Santa Maria College website)
Latin: Soli Deo Gloria
("For the Glory of God")
Attadale, WA
Australia Australia
Type Independent, Single-sex, Day and Boarding
Denomination Roman Catholic, Sisters of Mercy
Established 1938
Sister school Aquinas College, Perth
Principal Ian Elder
Staff ~124[1]
Enrolment ~1900 (5–12)[2]
Colour(s) Green, Red and White             

Santa Maria College is a Roman Catholic boarding and day school for girls, situated in Attadale, a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

Established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1938, the school currently caters for approximately 1100 students from Years 5 to 12, including 152 boarders.[2]

The college is affiliated with the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA),[3] the Australian Boarding Schools' Association (ABSA),[2] the Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia (AGSA),[4] the Australian Catholic Colleges association (ACC) and the Independent Girls Schools Sports Association (IGSSA).

Santa Maria's Brother school is Aquinas College located in Salter Point.


Santa Maria College was officially opened by the Sisters of Mercy on 6 February 1938, with approximately 60 boarders and only a handful of day pupils. Seven Sisters of Mercy staffed the College at is current site in Attadale.[5]


Period Details
1937 – 1960 Sr Bertrand Corbett
1961 – 1966 Sr Stephanie Horne
1967 – 1970 Sr Martha Hayward
1971 – 1975 Sr Consilli Flynn
1976 – 1979 Sr Perpetua della Marta
1980 – 1989 Sr Sheila Sawle
1989 – 2000 Mr Frank Owen
2000 – 2008 Mrs Anne Pitos
2009 – 2010 Mr Greg Clune
2010 – present Mr Ian Elder

House system[edit]

Santa Maria College, as with most Australian schools, utilises a House system. Students are divided into eight Houses, for the purpose of morning meetings in House groups and Homerooms, and intra-school competition. The Houses are named after notable figures in the Sisters of Mercy's heritage in Western Australia. Dillon, de la Hoyde, Frayne, Kelly, O'Donnell and O'Reilly are named after six of the Sisters who journeyed to Western Australia from Ireland and set up the first Catholic High School in the state - Victoria Square School, now known as Mercedes College. In 2007, two new houses were added - Corbett, named after the school's first Principal, Sr Bertrand Corbett, and Byrne.

Each house competes to earn points towards the "McAuley Shield", through various interhouse events, including: Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Debating and Public Speaking. In 2007, the interhouse events were expanded to include an Arts Festival after the lobbying of several students wishing for more events which weren't sports-orientated to be included in the McAuley Shield competition. The Arts Festival required each House to prepare a short play and showcase their House's acting abilities. As of 2013 this festival has been replaced by a theatresports competition.


The Santa Maria Uniform consists of a green and white dress worn during summer, worn with a white socks and black leather shoes. A cream straw boater with a dark green band is compulsory in the summer terms (Term 1 and 4) and must be worn to and from the School as well as at lunchtimes. A formal winter uniform is also required which consists of black stockings instead of socks, a green red and white striped tie, school blazer, green jumper and a green red and white tartan skirt. In winter, girls may wear a short sleeved white blouse or a long sleeved white blouse with a tie as above. A heavier, dark green, red and white skirt is worn with black stockings and black leather shoes. Green jumpers are worn for girls in Years 5–11 and red ‘Leavers’ jumpers for girls in Year 12. The green school blazer is compulsory during winter but optional during summer except for formal occasions and must be worn to and from the school and whenever in a public place in uniform.

The school blazer is a dark green colour with three green buttons and the school crest stitched in red on the breast pocket. Each student is allocated a house badge which they pin on their blazers. Badges are also provided for committees and officials. School and House Officials are awarded a badge that denotes their position. School awards are awarded for co-curricular activities and there are a range of badges, colours and Honours for other activities. Each activity has its own symbol for badges and is pinned onto the student’s blazer if they receive it.

Notable alumnae[edit]

Belinda-Lee Reid (vocals, guitar), Jaclyn Pearson (drums), Jessica Bennett (lead guitar) and Micaela Slayford (vocals, bass) formed the band Exteria in 1996. They entered their song "AlohaHand" into the West Australian Music Industry Awards and won. They later changed their name to Lash and in 2001 released their well known song "Take Me Away" which was covered in the 2003 remake of Freaky Friday.


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