Santa Maria Maggiore, Gazzo Veronese

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Santa Maria Maggiore at Gazzo Veronese.

Santa Maria Maggiore is a church in Gazzo Veronese, a village near Verona, region of Veneto, in northern Italy.

It is first mentioned in the 9th century. An inscription on the exterior dates its consecration to 20 August 846. In 1117 an earthquake destroyed the first church, which was rebuilt in Romanesque style. During restorations in 1938-1940 9th century mosaics were discovered under the current pavement.

Another extensive restoration was carried on in the 15th century. The exterior pinnacles date from this period.


Coordinates: 45°8′23″N 11°4′34″E / 45.13972°N 11.07611°E / 45.13972; 11.07611