Santa Rosa local elections, 2013

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Santa Rosa mayoral election, 2013
← 2010 May 13, 2013 2016 →
Nominee Arlene B. Arcillas Alicia Lazaga
Party Liberal PDP-Laban
Running mate Arnel Gomez Jose Catindig, Jr.
Popular vote 60,141 12,073
Percentage 85.13 14.87

Mayor before election

Arlene B. Arcillas

Elected Mayor

Arlene B. Arcillas

Local elections was held in Santa Rosa City on May 13, 2013 within the Philippine general election. The voters elected for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, and ten councilors.


Incumbent Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas decided to run for reelection under Liberal Party, her opponent is Alicia Lazaga a nominee under PDP-Laban.

Mayor Arcillas' running mate is incumbent vice-mayor Arnel Gomez also under Liberal Party and his opponent is former mayor Jose Catindig, Jr. under PDP-Laban.


The candidates for mayor and vice mayor with the highest amount of votes wins the seat; they are voted separately, therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.

Mayoral and vice mayoral elections[edit]

Santa Rosa City[edit]

Santa Rosa City mayoralty election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Arlene Arcillas 69,141 85.13
PDP-Laban Alicia Lazaga 12,073 14.87
Margin of victory 57,068 70.27
Total votes 81,214 100
Liberal hold
Santa Rosa City vice mayoralty election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Arnel Gomez 35,808 44.84
PDP-Laban Jose Catindig, Jr. 26,223 32.83
LDP Manuel Alipon 17,835 22.33
Margin of victory 9,585 12
Total votes 79,866 100
Liberal hold

City Council Elections[edit]

Voters will elect ten (10) councilors to comprise the City Council or the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Candidates are voted separately so there are chances where winning candidates will have unequal number of votes and may come from different political parties. The ten candidates with the highest number of votes win the seats.

2013 Santa Rosa City Council
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Ma. Theresa Aala 49,530 8.25
Liberal Luisito Algabre 49,100 8.18
Liberal Mythor Cendaña 43,862 7.30
Liberal Eric Puzon 42,985 7.16
Liberal Antonia Laserna 42,684 7.11
Liberal Paulino Camaclang, Jr. 40,566 6.75
Liberal Petronio Factoriza 37,441 6.23
Liberal Raymond Ryan Carvajal 37,276 6.21
Liberal Edward Fernandito Tiongco 35,151 5.85
Liberal Laudemer Carta 34,616 5.76
Independent Arturo Tiongco 28,101 4.68
Independent Antonio Tuzon, Jr. 25,774 4.29
PDP-Laban Ronald Ian De Guzman 21,901 3.65
PDP-Laban Aries Alcabasa 19,290 3.21
UNA Renato C. Alinsod 18,924 3.15
Independent Jon Paulo Salvahan 12,895 2.15
PDP-Laban Glory Rose Lopez 9,769 1.63
PDP-Laban Reynaldo Batitis 8,437 1.40
PDP-Laban Edgar Amarante 7,862 1.31
PDP-Laban Victor Papag 7,636 1.27
PDP-Laban Joel Russel Vizconde 6,948 1.16
PDP-Laban Rizalito Ambata 4,807 0.80
PDP-Laban Peter Malajacan 4,698 0.78
PDP-Laban Artemio Alumno 4,363 0.73
Independent Kristine Joane G. Padilla 3,569 0.59
Independent Ciriaco Sia 2,378 0.40
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes 84,628 100


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