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FaçAde of the church.

Santa Teresa d'Avila is a church in Rome, Italy. It is dedicated to Teresa of Avila.

It was founded by Cardinal Girolamo Gotti in 1901, built in a Romanesque-Gothic hybrid style by Tullio Passarelli. In 1906 Pope Pius X made it a parochial church and at the same time granted to the Discalced Carmelites, who still have a generalate by the church and serve the church and its convent and parochial centre. Pope Pius XII then elevated it to the status of Basilica in 1951, and eleven years later Pope John XXIII made it a titular church, with Cardinal Giovanni Panico as the first titular cardinal.

Its dedicatee is depicted on the church's facade, being blessed by Christ, and on the high-altarpiece, whilst the interior is decorated with works by Roman 20th-century artists.

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Coordinates: 41°54′41″N 12°29′42″E / 41.9115°N 12.4949°E / 41.9115; 12.4949