Santahar–Kaunia line

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Santahar–Kaunia line
Status Operational
Locale Bangladesh
Termini Santahar
Stations 29
Services 2
Opened 1878
Owner Bangladesh Railway
Line length ?
Number of tracks ?
Track gauge Metre gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in)
Operating speed ?

The Santahar–Kaunia line is a metre gauge railway line connecting Santahar and Kaunia in Bangladesh. This track is under the jurisdiction of Bangladesh Railway.


The Brahmaputra–Sultanpur Railway Company constructed the 94-kilometre long (58 mi) metre gauge railway track from Santahar to Fulchhari (Tistamukh) in 1899-1900. Presently the line is up to Balashi Ghat in Phulchhari Upazila. The 44-kilometre long (27 mi) Bonarpara–Kaunia line was constructed in 1905.[1][2]

Assam Mail[edit]

The prestigious Assam Mail originally ran along this track in the British days from Santahar to Guwahati.[3]


In Bangladesh, ferries are often an integrated part of the railway system. There were two major ferry points across the Jamuna, one between Bahadurabad Ghat and Tistamukh Ghat and the other between Jagannath Ghat and Sirajganj Ghat.[4][5]

The ferry system had reached the limits of its capacity. While marginal capacity additions were still feasible, to cope with any significant increase in capacity or even normal traffic growth was virtually felt to be impossible.[6]

The construction of the 4.8-kilometre long (3.0 mi) Bangabandhu Bridge has completely changed the scope of communication systems in that part of the country. The ferry system at both the Bahadurabad Ghat-Balashi Ghat and the Jagannathganj Ghat–Sirajganj Ghat was virtually closed. Only limited freight transportation continued on the Bahadurabad Ghat-Balashi section. Even that has been closed down in 2010 because of formation of shoal in the river.[7][8]


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Coordinates: 25°07′15″N 89°30′55″E / 25.1208°N 89.5152°E / 25.1208; 89.5152