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Santana may refer to:


As a surname[edit]

  • Carlos Santana, Mexican American rock musician and guitarist, founder of the band Santana
  • Juelz Santana, an American rapper and member of The Diplomats
  • Johan Santana, a Venezuelan baseball pitcher, currently with the Baltimore Orioles
  • Jorge Santana, Mexican rock musician and guitarist, brother of Carlos Santana
  • Lizette Santana, also known as Lizé, an American recording artist, singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and actress

As a name[edit]





Dominican Republic[edit]


In the archipelago of the Azores
In the archipelago of Madeira


São Tomé and Príncipe[edit]


  • Dharma, also known as Santana, a notion of unity that replaces the idea of self in Buddhism
  • Santana Cycles, a manufacturer of tandem bicycles
  • Volkswagen Santana, an automobile
  • Santana Motors, a Spanish automobile manufacturer
  • Santana Formation, a geologic Lagerstätte (undisturbed fossil accumulation) in northeastern Brazil's Araripe Basin
  • Santana High School, a secondary school in Santee, California (site of a 2001 shooting)
  • Santana 20, a class of sailboat commonly used for racing
  • Santana 22, the first sailboat design of Naval Architect Gary Mull
  • Santana Esporte Clube, a Brazilian football (soccer) club
  • The yacht Santana, once owned by Humphrey Bogart, after which he named Santana Productions, the film production company he founded

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