Santana Cycles

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Santana Cycles
Industry Bicycles
Founded 1976
Headquarters La Verne, California, USA
Key people
Bill McCready, Founder
Products Bicycle and Related Components
Santana Beyond tandem with a mix of carbon fiber and titanium tubes and titanium lugs

Santana Cycles is the world's leading manufacturer of tandem bicycles.[1] Santana was founded in 1976 by Bill McCready, an Associate Editor at Bicycling Magazine, and is located in La Verne, California.[2] In the 1970s "Santana virtually re-invented the tandem, which had been in decline since the second world war."[1] In 2002, Santana was described as the largest manufacturer of "enthusiast level" tandem bicycles.[3]


Besides two-place tandems, Santana manufactures triplets, quads, quints, hexes, and the Cabrio, a triplet or quad that can be converted into a two-place tandem by removing the center section of the frame.[2] Santana manufactures its bike frames from cromoly steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber.[2] Santana tandems are available for road and off-road use, including full suspension, and can include S&S couplers to facilitate shipping and travel.[2]

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