Santana do Araguaia

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Santana do Araguaia
Flag of Santana do Araguaia
Official seal of Santana do Araguaia
Location of Santana do Araguaia
Location of Santana do Araguaia
Coordinates: 09°30′18″S 50°37′30″W / 9.50500°S 50.62500°W / -9.50500; -50.62500
Country Brazil
Region Norte
State Pará
 • Mayor Gilgleider Altino Ribeiro (Brazilian Social Democratic Party)
 • Total 11,591.452 km2 (4,475.485 sq mi)
Elevation 160 m (520 ft)
Population (2009)
 • Total 55,033
 • Density 3.7/km2 (10/sq mi)
Postal code (CEP) 68560
HDI (2000) 0.690 – medium[2]

Santana do Araguaia is the southernmost city in the Brazilian state of Pará. The city lies near the Araguaia River, which marks the border with the state of Tocantins. The town was established on December 20, 1961 by then-governor of Pará, Aurélio do Carmo, after being split off from the municipality of Conceição do Araguaia.[3]

The city is served by Santana do Araguaia Airport.