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Obelisk of the Praça Internacional, at the Fronteira da Paz, cities of Santana do Livramento (Brasil) and Rivera (Uruguay).

Santana do Livramento is a city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It is located along the border with the city of Rivera, Uruguay, forming together an international city of almost 170,000 inhabitants.


It is 208 meters above sea level, and is 498 km from its capital city (Porto Alegre). The population in 2010 was 82,513 inhabitants in an area of 6,950.37 km². Santana do Livramento was founded on July 30, 1823 and in 1857 was emancipated from Alegrete as a city. The economy is mainly farming, cattle, leather goods and Viniculture Commerce. The city also crosses the 31st parallel, making it an ideal area for wine production. The two main wineries are Almaden and Santa Colina.

Many tourists come to Livramento to visit the duty-free shops in its neighboring city Rivera.

Rural tourism is also an attractive option in Santana do Livramento.

Language: Brazilian Portuguese and Portunhol (a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese).


Ibirapuitã Park, on BR 293, lies about ten kilometers from the city.

The border community is unusual in that inhabitants from both Livramento (Brazil) and Rivera (Uruguay) are free to move anywhere throughout the twin city community. It is easy for one to get lost in the suburbs and not know whether they are in Brazil or Uruguay. Customs and checkpoints are located outside the cities.


There is a break of gauge station where the railways of Brazil and Uruguay meet.

Santana do Livramento has an airport but scheduled flights to the Brazilian city usually use Pres. Gral. Óscar D. Gestido International Airport in neighboring Rivera, Uruguay.

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Coordinates: 30°52′39″S 55°31′59″W / 30.87750°S 55.53306°W / -30.87750; -55.53306