Santiago Calatayud

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Most Reverend
Santiago Calatayud
Bishop of Santorini
Church Catholic Church
Diocese Diocese of Santorini
In office 1521–1526
Predecessor Acenario López
Successor Rodrigo de Beniambras
Personal details
Died 1526
Santorini, Greece

Santiago Calatayud, O.S.A. or Giacomo da Calatayud (died 1526) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Santorini (1521–1526).[1][2][3]


Santiago Calatayud was ordained a priest in the Order of Saint Augustine.[1][3] On 20 Feb 1521, he was appointed during the papacy of Pope Leo X as Bishop of Santorini.[1][3] He served as Bishop of Santorini until his death in 1526.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Acenario López
Bishop of Santorini
Succeeded by
Rodrigo de Beniambras