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Santiago (pop. 5 million) is the capital city of Chile, named in honour of Saint James, son of Zebedee. In English, four other notable cities are also often referred to simply as "Santiago":

Etymologically, Santiago has the same meaning as San Diego.

Santiago may also refer to:


In Argentina:

In Brazil:

In Cape Verde:

In Chile:

In Colombia:

In Costa Rica:

In Cuba:

In Dominican Republic:

In Ecuador:

In Guatemala:

In Jamaica:

  • Santiago, a Spanish possession that later became Jamaica
  • Spanish Town or Santiago de la Vega, Jamaica

In Mexico:

In Nicaragua:

In Panama:

In Paraguay:

In Peru:

In the Philippines:

In Portugal:

In Spain:

In Taiwan

In the United States:

In Uruguay:

  • Montevideo or San Felipe y Santiago de Montevideo, Uruguay

In Venezuela:

  • Caracas or Santiago de León de Caracas, Venezuela




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