Santiago Lambre

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Santiago Lambre
Santiago Lambre
Santiago Lambre
Personal information
Full name Santiago Lambre Della Croce
Nationality Mexican
Discipline Show Jumping
Born 23 July 1975
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Home town , Brazil

Santiago Lambre was born in Porto Alegre Brazil on July 23rd, 1975. His father, Nestor Lambre was a professional show jumping rider with proven success and recognition in South America and Europe, who influenced Santiago’s love for the sport who started riding when he was 5 years old.

Soon after finishing his high school studies, Santiago decided to move to Europe searching for new challenges in his equestrian career, where he lived and worked in various countries, namely: Belgium, France, Holland and Germany, achieving quick success as young rider. His positive developments as a young rider rapidly made him become a professional in international competitions where he continued his growth as both rider and trainer.


Santiago has represented Mexico in various Nations Cups and world Tournaments and has won over 100 international competitions during his career as a Mexican rider.

1999 Panamerican Games in Winnipeg / Riding Raisa La Silla 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney / Riding Dollar de la Pierre (a.k.a. Tlaloc)
2003 Panamerican Games in Santo Domingo / Riding MarcosW 2004 Olympic Games in Athens as reserve rider / Riding Imperio Rouge
2007 Panamerican Games in Rio de Janeiro / Riding Curant 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy / Jhonny Boy

Fei.[1] Santiago Lambre.[1] SJA.[1]

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