Santiago Wanderers

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Santiago Wanderers
Santiago wanderers.png
Full name Club de Deportes Santiago
Wanderers S.A.D.P.
Nickname(s) Caturros
Porteños (Harbour Men)
El Decano (The Dean)
Founded 15 August 1892
Ground Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander
Valparaíso, Chile
Ground Capacity 18,500
Chairman Chile Carlos Bombal
Manager Chile Emiliano Astorga
League Primera División
2014 Clausura 15th

Club de Deportes Santiago Wanderers S.A.D.P., is a Chilean football club based in the city of Valparaíso. Founded on 15 August 1892, Wanderers is Chile's oldest football club. Its team won promotion to Primera División for the 2010 Apertura season after a brief relegation to Primera B.

Their home games are played at the Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander (formerly named "Playa Ancha" after a neighboring beach), which has a capacity of 23,000 seats. It was one of the founding members of the Valparaíso Professional Association, where it remained between 1940 and 1943, playing their first professional tournaments.

In all those years (1897 to 1943), the club won 12 championships, (10 amateur, and 2 professionals).

In 1944 Santiago Wanderers finally joined the national professional football tournament, the Primera División; where, is the third most successful team outside Santiago, with three national league titles, surpassed only by Everton de Viña del Mar and Cobreloa de Calama.

In 2008 the professional football section of the club moved away from the Santiago Wanderers Corporation, to become a Sports Joint stock company under the name Club de Deportes Santiago Wanderers S.A.D.P., while other branches of the club continue to be managed by the nonprofit corporation that managed the football until 2007.


Amateur era[edit]

According to the official version, Santiago Wanderers was founded on 15 August 1892 in the District of Puerto Carampagne in Valparaíso, where thirty men, led by Gilberto Hidalgo and Francisco Avaria began what would become the dean of Chilean football, the oldest existing institution. Despite its place of origin, the founders decided to name it Santiago to distinguish the club from another team in the city that existed at that time, the Valparaíso Wanderers. On several occasions, attempts were made to replace Santiago with Valparaíso as a way to ratify the link with the city. However, the idea has been highly rejected by the fans.

The club began formally its activity in 1897, as part of the National Football Association, from which backdraw in 1899 to enter the official competition of the Football Association of Chile, which also abandoned, in 1937, to join the Professional Football Association', returning again, the following year.

The first ever game played by Wanderers was against the National Football Club del Cerro Artillería and squad of the club was composed by; Eduardo Real (goalkeeper), Gilberto Hidalgo and Francisco Avaria (defenders); Real Romeo, Enrique Gonzalez, Pedro Mujica (midfielders); Manuel Alvarez, Eduardo Pizarro, Arturo Acuna, Germán Sánchez and Carlos Salar (strikers).

Even when there's no official records that proves that the club was founded in 1892, it should be noted, however, that in the Valparaíso earthquake of 1906, the then headquarters of Wanderers, were completely destroyed, losing much of the documentation of the club and several trophies, from which, the only one that it could be saved, was the Challenger Cup of the Football Association of Chile (1899); still preserved by the club.

Professional Era[edit]

Mario Griguol, topscorer of the team champion in 1968.

In 1937 the club decided to enter to Asociación Profesional de Fútbol (currently ANFP). However, the club has a bad season losing all 12 matches. It also received 37 goals and only scored 17 goals. Due to this, the team decided to return to the League of Valparaíso in 1938.

In the 1950s Wanderers had some ups and downs. In 1951 it was ranked in the 9th place, 10th in 1952, and 9th again in 1953. In 1954 improved, was in the third position of tournament, but in 1955 after a bad season 1955 the club reached the Argentina coach Jose Perez that under his direction the club was fighting the title in 1956 where it ranked in second place after five points lower Colo-Colo. But in 1958 managed to be first division champion.

In the 1960s managed to repeat the feat and came out champion again in 1969 against Audax Italiano at the Estadio Nacional.

In the 1970s was in an institutional crisis, in 1970 was ranked in penultimate place safing of the relegation to Second Division. In 1977 was promoted to Second Division, and assumed again the argentin coach was managed the first title of Wanderers in Primera, José Pérez. In 1978 was the only season in Primera B (in this moment) but managed the promotion to Primera División.

Jersey of Santiago Wanderers in 2004.

In 2001 was champion of Primera División de Chile under the management of Jorge Garcés and with players in the team like Jaime Riveros, Arturo Sanhueza, Moisés Villarroel, Alex Varas Joel Soto, Silvio Fernández Dos Santos among others what lead the team to participate in the Copa Libertadores 2002. Preview the season the directive decided not renew the contract to Jorge Garcés and ended his contract. In Copa Libertadores was ended in the third position with 9 points after Boca Juniors with 13 points and Montevideo Wanderers with 10 points, staying in the first round. In details Wanderers won 2 times, loss 1 time and tied 3 times, among themselves was won and tied against Boca Juniors 1–0 and 0–0.

Before the international participation, early 2003 assumed as coach Matt Yuri Fernández from Club Deportivo Universidad de Concepción. During the first half of year the team made an irregular season having to use playoff for a spot in the playoffs, being finally eliminated by Cobreloa. Already in the Torneo de Clausura, Wanderers made a regular season, ranked in the fourth place in the regular fase and after qualified as best loser versus Universidad Católica and eliminate to Palestino reached to the semi-finals being eliminated again by Cobreloa.

The good appearances continued during the Torneo Apertura de 2004, ranked second in the regular fase only one point after Cobreloa. In the playoffs reached the semi-finals being defeated by Universidad de Chile after having eliminated to Rangers and Unión Española. Highlighted in this tournament the season of Jaime Riveros who achieve break the record of goals in consecutive weeks of Chilean football, after totalize 21 goals in 15 matches and the rout by 4–0 against Everton broke a streak of 29 years without winning in the first division against archi-rival.

In midly of 2004, after elimination in the group stages at Union San Felipe, Colo-Colo and Cobresal got back to classify the Copa Sudamericana where they were eliminated in first round by the Universidad de Concepción. In the Clausura failed to revalidate the Torneo Apertura season, finishing last in the regular phase, resulting in the cessation of Yuri Fernandez by the directive causing great unease among fans.

In 2007, the team relegated to the Second Division, but in 2009, Wanderers promoted to the First Division of 2010.


Domestic competitions[edit]

Profesional era[edit]

    • Winners (3): 1958, 1968, 2001
    • Runner-up (3): 1949, 1956, 1960
    • Winners (2): 1959, 1961
    • Runner-up (2): 1960, 1974
    • Winners (2): 1978, 1995
    • Runner-up (2): 1999, 2009
    • Runner-up (1): 1949
    • Runner-up (1): 1986
  • Asociacion Porteña de Fútbol Profesional
    • Winners (2): 1941, 1942

Amateur era[edit]

  • National Football Association
    • Winners (1): 1897
  • Liga de Valparaiso
    • Winners (10): 1907, 1909, 1913, 1915, 1917, 1919, 1921, 1933, 1934, 1934
  • Copa Sporting
    • Winners (1): 1907
  • Challenge Cup Football Association of Chile
  • Winners (1): 1899



Current squad[edit]

Current squad of Santiago Wanderers as of 18 April 2012 (edit)
Sources: Santiago Wanderers squad at Football–

No. Position Player
1  CHI GK Diego Figueroa
2  PAR DF Mario López Quintana
3  CHI MF Kevin Valenzuela
4  URU DF Mauricio Prieto
5  CHI MF Sebastián Méndez
6  CHI DF Giakumis Kodogiannis
8  CHI MF Jorge Ormeño
9  CHI FW Ronnie Fernández
10  ARG MF Jorge Luna
11  CHI FW Roberto Saldías
12  CHI GK Mauricio Viana
13  CHI MF Gonzalo Barriga
14  CHI DF Franz Schulz
15  CHI MF Jefferson Castillo
16  CHI MF Óscar Opazo
17  CHI MF Pablo Tamburrini
No. Position Player
18  CHI MF Gonzalo Candia
19  ARG DF Ezequiel Luna
20  CHI MF Jimmy Cisterna
21  CHI MF Marco Medel
22  PAR FW Carlos González
23  ARG FW Gastón Cellerino
24  CHI DF Juan Abarca
25  CHI GK Gabriel Castellón
26  CHI DF Agustín Parra
27  CHI MF Kevin Flores
28  CHI FW Sebastian Reyes
29  CHI DF Juan Soto
30  CHI MF Alex González
31  CHI MF Reinaldo Ahumada
32  CHI FW Héctor Núñez
33  CHI DF Samuel Mendoza

Manager: Emiliano Astorga

Notable players[edit]


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