Santiago de Chuco Province

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Santiago de Chuco
Location of Santiago de Chuco in the La Libertad Region
Location of Santiago de Chuco in the La Libertad Region
Country Peru
Region La Libertad
Founded November 3, 1900
Capital Santiago de Chuco
 • Total 2,658.96 km2 (1,026.63 sq mi)
Population (2005 census)
 • Total 57,526
 • Density 22/km2 (56/sq mi)

The Santiago de Chuco Province is one of twelve provinces of the La Libertad Region in Peru. The capital of this province is the city of Santiago de Chuco.

Political division[edit]

The province is divided into eight districts, which are:


On July 23, 1610, a group of immigrants were allowed to found a village, which would serve as capital city and as headquarters for both mining and related wheat sowing activities. Among Santiago de Chuco's "Founding Fathers", who arrived first in Andaymarca, we find Captain Don Diego de la Serna, immigrants Domingo Pérez de Vásquéz, José de Pelaez, Lino Benítes de los Niños, Miguel de Estremadura, Rodrigo de los Bejarano, Fernando de Alva, García de Paredes, Lorenzo de Alcántara, Juan Bautista de Ruiz and the priest Francisco de Asís Centurión, who was born in Santiago de Compostela. Father de Asís Centurión was he who got "Santiago, El Mayor" to become the main saint of the town.

On July 25, 1610, in front of and altar which was set in a place named "Picchi-Paccha", a Thanks Giving mass was celebrated, and next "The Foundation First Stone" was placed. Then, the distribution of lands for houses building took place and the architectural design of the city and church were bordered. The City Church would be later inaugurated on July 25, 1616. In this same year, the town was given its current and definitive name, Santiago de Chuco, by the Peruvian government at the time.

In 1863, the congressman for Huamachuco, don Manuel Natividad Porras, filed the Bill for granting the Provincehood Status to Santiago de Chuco District. The Bill failed to be enacted then because of don Manuel Natividad Porras' sudden death. On November 3, 1900, through support of congressman Tomás Ganoza Cavero's (who carried on with Manuel Porras work), the president Eduardo López de Romaña passed the Bill which granted Provincehood Status to the Santiago de Chuco District.

Places of interest[edit]

  • Calipuy National Sanctuary
  • The town school building has within its covered entranceway a bronze bust of César Vallejo similar to that pictured in the Wikipedia (both Spanish and English) articles César Vallejo.

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