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Santiago de Macha or Macha is a Bolivian locality in the department of Potosí, Chayanta Province, Colquechaca Municipality, Macha Canton. Macha had a population of 1,850 in 2001 and the canton was inhabited by 8,769 people.[1] Most of the young adults works abroad, and the marketplace of the village opens only on Sunday. The main economic activity of Macha is subsistence agriculture.[2]

Every 3 May, Santiago de Macha hosts the religious festival of Tinku, an aymará ritual consisting in a fist fighting challenge between two rival groups.[3]

Rebel leader Túpac Katari was born in Macha in 1750.[2] Between October and November 1813 the town was the headquarters of the Army of the North, commanded by General Manuel Belgrano during the war of independence against the Spanish rule.[4]


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