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Santikos Entertainment is a movie theater chain based in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The company was started by Louis Santikos, a Greek entrepreneur, who had moved to Texas and immediately opened nickelodeons in the city in the early 1900s. His son John Santikos eventually took over the company and continued to create various movie theaters, including indoor multi-screen theaters and local drive-ins.

In 1987, John Santikos sold the company to Act III Theatres. John Santikos was able to buy back the company in 2001 due to the recession of 2001 that had affected the industry. It has expanded to seven local theaters and two outside San Antonio in the greater Houston area. In 2014, ownership of the chain was passed to the San Antonio Area Foundation upon John Santikos' death.[1]

Current theatres[edit]

  • Santikos Rialto
    • Previously known as the Galaxy 14, the theater was remodeled into a dine-in theater, with a full menu of entrees, dine-in tables in the auditoriums and a bar. The theater was originally split into two parts: the Rialto, which was meant for people 13 and older; and the Rialto Piccolo, which accepts children. The Piccolo is no longer in operation.
  • Santikos Palladium IMAX
    • Opened in December 2006 as a part of the Rim development in Northwest San Antonio at Loop 1604 and IH-10, it features 19 screens, including two "VIP" auditoriums for adults-only and an IMAX screen. With heavy Greek influences in its architecture, the Palladium also features an arcade room, a gelato bar, a fully functional restaurant, and a mezzanine bar. A 65-million-dollar investment, the Palladium was the largest theatrical development in the country in 2006, and it is currently one of the most profitable IMAX theaters in the nation.
  • Santikos Silverado
    • Located at Bandera and 1604 in the Northwest region of San Antonio, the Silverado has 16 screens and was the first theater in San Antonio to feature Digital 3-D capability. With a Western theme, the theater also has a restaurant attachment called the Rough Rider Cafe & Bar. the
  • Santikos Mayan
    • With a Mayan influence in its architecture, the Mayan Palace has fourteen screens and is in the Southwest part of San Antonio. The theater now features Digital 3-D and occasionally features Spanish-dubbed screenings of mainstream films. This was the location of the December 17, 2012 San Antonio Theatre Shooting.[2]
  • Santikos Bijou
  • Santikos Embassy 14
    • Built in the mid-1980s at Highway 281 and Bitters Rd., the Embassy 14 has finished a renovation process spanning two years, now featuring a built-in Starbucks parlor and an overhauled interior. It is one of three Santikos theaters that have the "price extravaganza", where between 4:00 and 6:00 PM matinée prices are only $5.00. The theater now features a digital projector and began playing Digital 3D films in May 2009. A recent shooting in mid-2010 took place, resulting in one teenager requiring hospitalization. The theater was later criticized for its lack of security.[3]
  • Santikos Northwest 10
    • The second Santikos theater located at the I-10/410 intersection, the Northwest is a 10-screen auditorium. An adjacent building called the Northwest Annex, which has four screens of its own, was temporarily shut down due to repairs, but has recently re-opened two of the screens. The company is planning to renovate the Northwest into a dine-in theater in the mold of the Rialto, though no development has started. It is the third Santikos theater to have the "price extravaganza" and currently has the cheapest prices for a matinée theater in San Antonio.
  • Santikos Silverado IMAX
    • The first out-of-city Santikos theater and the largest all-digital theater in the Houston area, the Silverado-IMAX features 19 screens, including an IMAX screen and six 3D equipped screens. It features many characteristics of the Palladium, including a restaurant, two mezzanine bars, and a game room. Also recently added in one of the larger theaters is D-BOX, providing moviegoers with motion-enhanced cinema on selected features. Located at HWY 249 near Tomball in Houston, the theater officially opened on February 29, 2008.
  • Santikos Palladium AVX
    • Construction of a 22 screen theater and 16 lane bowling alley began in August 2011 at the intersection of Highway 99 (Grand PKWY) and West Bellfort in Richmond, TX. The Grand Opening was on May 16, 2013.
    • The Theater features 6 AVX MAX screens which are 85 ft screens that use the 4K projection technology as well as state of art sound system Dolby Atmos. The Palladium features The Agora Bar in the VIP section.
  • Casablanca 16
    • Located at the Alamo Ranch Parkway-1604 intersection in West San Antonio, the Santikos Casablanca will be built in a style that alludes to the Moroccan city of Casablanca and will feature retail shops and a restaurant. It is expected to be completed in 2016


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