Santo Tomás de las Ollas

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Horseshoe arches in the principal chapel (apse).

The Santo Tomás de las Ollas hermitage is situated in the town with the same name close to Ponferrada, León (Spain).


Double horseshoe arch which separates the principal chapel from the nave.

The name of the hermitage, taken from the town Santo Tomás de las Ollas (St. Thomas of the Ollas), comes from the main occupation of that locality: pottery. They supplied to the Valle del Silencio zone.

The hermitage was donated to the community of San Pedro de Montes monastery by the Bishop of Astorga.


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Coordinates: 42°33′20″N 6°34′44″W / 42.55556°N 6.57889°W / 42.55556; -6.57889