Santos Degollado

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Santos Degollado

José Santos Degollado Sánchez (born November 1, 1811 in Hacienda de Robles, Guanajuato - died June 15, 1861 in Llanos de Salazar, State of Mexico) was a Mexican Liberal politician and military leader. During his service in the Mexican Army, Degollado fought against López de Santa Anna and later alongside Benito Juárez. He was deputy, and later governor of the state of Michoacán. During Benito Juárez's presidency he served as Secretary of War and Navy and as Secretary of External Affairs. Degollado was a colleague of Melchor Ocampo and fought by his side in many battles. His remains were interred at the Panteón de Dolores in Mexico City, in the Rotunda of Illustrious Persons on November 26, 1936.[1]


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