Santos Luzardo National Park

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Santos Luzardo National Park
Parque Nacional Santos Luzardo
IUCN category II (national park)
Extensas llanuras de vegetación sabanera.jpg
Map showing the location of Santos Luzardo National Park Parque Nacional Santos Luzardo
Map showing the location of Santos Luzardo National Park Parque Nacional Santos Luzardo
Location Venezuela
Coordinates6°42′N 67°34′W / 6.700°N 67.567°W / 6.700; -67.567Coordinates: 6°42′N 67°34′W / 6.700°N 67.567°W / 6.700; -67.567
Area5,844 km2 (2,256 sq mi)
EstablishedFebruary 24, 1988 (1988-02-24)

The Santos Luzardo National Park[1] (Spanish: Parque nacional Santos Luzardo)[2] Also Cinaruco-Capanaparo National Park It is a protected area with the status of national park[3] that is located between the rivers Capanaparo and Cinaruco and the confluence of them with the Orinoco river, in jurisdiction of the Municipalities Pedro Camejo and Achaguas of the Apure State in Venezuela,[4] near the border with Colombia.

Created in 1988 by presidential decree by President Jaime Lusinchi. For years the park has been protected by the National Institute of Parks of Venezuela (INPARQUES), which assumes a systematic policy of conservation and preservation of the natural resources of the park.

There is a lot of variety of the flora of the park among them we have: Saladillo, conger, oak, caramacate, drago, saman, coconut monkey and cañafístula, among other plant species. It has a cloak of grass (saeta) that occurs in the whole park and in the winter gives a beautiful landscape tone.


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