Sanya Bay

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Sanya Bay
Sanya Bay 01.jpg
Sanya Bay
Location Hainan Province, China
Coordinates 18°15′29″N 109°27′00″E / 18.258045°N 109.450092°E / 18.258045; 109.450092Coordinates: 18°15′29″N 109°27′00″E / 18.258045°N 109.450092°E / 18.258045; 109.450092
River sources Sanya River
Ocean/sea sources South China Sea
Frozen no
Islands Phoenix Island
Settlements Sanya

Sanya Bay (simplified Chinese: 三亚湾; traditional Chinese: 三亞灣; pinyin: Sānyà Wān) is one of the five major bays in Sanya City, Hainan Province, China.[1] Located at the southern coast of Hainan, directly south of Sanya city, it has a 22 km beach. It is bordered by a peninsula at the east side. Within the bay are two islands called Xidao and Dongdao. The artificial resort Phoenix Island is located in the bay near the eastern end of the beach.

In recent years, as the waters of Sanya Bay and others below mentioned are becoming clearer and healthier, several species of dolphins including endangered Chinese white dolphins appear along the coasts from time to time, they have not been considered as targeted tourism attractions.[2]

Phoenix Island of Sanya Bay

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