Saoirse Irish Freedom

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Saoirse Irish Freedom
Saoirse Irish Freedom front page from July 2011.
Type Monthly political newspaper
Publisher Republican Sinn Féin
Founded November 1986
Language English, Irish
Circulation Several hundred
Website [1]
This article is about the current publication. For other uses, see Saoirse (disambiguation).

Saoirse Irish Freedom is the monthly organ of Republican Sinn Féin (RSF).[1] It replaced Republican Bulletin[2] the first issue of which appeared in November, 1986 to explain the reasons for the split in Sinn Féin.[3]

Its format was eight A4 pages, continuing monthly until, in May 1987. In November of that year, Saoirse became an eight-page tabloid. Since then, the paper has been produced as a 16-page monthly magazine. In June 1996 RSF first published an issue via the Internet.[4]

The name Saoirse Irish Freedom is taken from the 1910 - 1914 publication, Irish Freedom.[1]

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