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Saori Hara
Born Mai Kato
(1988-01-01) January 1, 1988 (age 28)[1]
Hiroshima, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese and German
Height 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)

Saori Hara (原 紗央莉 Hara Saori?, born January 1, 1988) is a former Japanese AV idol, model and actress who has also used the name Mai Nanami (七海 まい Nanami Mai?) and most recently Miyabi Matsunoi or Miyavi Matsunoi (松野井 雅 Matsunoi Miyabi?).

Life and career[edit]

Saori Hara was born in Hiroshima Prefecture to a Japanese mother and a father of mixed German-Japanese parentage.[2][3]

Mai Nanami[edit]

Hara started her career as a junior idol under the name Mai Nanami.[3][4] As a teenager, she sang the theme song Spicy Days (スパイシーデイズ Supaishiideizu?) for the animated TV show The Marshmallow Times on TV Osaka in 2004.[5][6] She also had parts in two movies in 2005, the March TV drama The Dream of Delinquent Boys (不良少年の夢 Furyō Shōnen No Yume?) for TBS,[5][7] and the April theatrical release, horse-racing melodrama Haru Urara (Lovely Fields), which was later released as a DVD.[5][8][9][10]

She had also made a bikini-model photobook, Mai Nanami First Photobook, in May 2005 and a non-nude (gravure) DVD titled Mai Nanami: Yamagishi Shin Digital Movie Museum which was released in August 2005.[5][11] As Nanami, she also played the female lead in another mainstream movie that was due to be released in Japan in 2006 but had its debut at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California in November 2005 as Deep Sea Monster Reigo. The film was eventually released in Japan as Reigo: The Deep Sea Monster vs the Battleship Yamato.[12][13]

AV debut and 2009 activities[edit]

After a long hiatus, she re-emerged as Saori Hara in August 2008 and appeared in a non-nude gravure video titled Clear Water.[2][5][14] The next month, in September, she posed nude for the first time in the Japanese men's magazine Sabra, and it was announced that she was contracted to the Soft On Demand (SOD) adult video studio.[3][4][5] She became the face of the SOD group in its anti-STD campaign in November 2008,[15] a role formerly played by long-time SOD AV actress Nana Natsume. Hara's first adult video (AV) was released by SOD in January 2009 with the title Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Miraculous AV Debut[5][16] and was reported to have sold 100,000 copies.[17][18]

About the same time as her AV debut, Hara posed for a set of nude photos set in Tokyo public places by photographer Kishin Shinoyama which was published January 28, 2009 by Asahi Press as NO NUDE by KISHIN 1 20XX TOKYO. Shinoyama has said that he likes working with porn stars because they have no problems with nudity. However, both Shinoyama and Hara were charged by Tokyo authorities with public indecency.[5][19]

Also in early 2009, Hara was in the TV Asahi movie Mission Section Chief Hitoshi Tadano: Season 4 Special, a tie-in to the fourth season of the manga-based TV show.[5][20]

Her May 2009 hamedori adult video for SOD, Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Brown Eyes, directed by Company Matsuo, had the quarter-German Hara traveling to Germany for six days to explore her roots.[21] The SOD studio celebrated the end of Hara's first year with the company with the four-hour cosplay video, Real Celebrity Saori Hara: 8 Changes and Sweet Sex, where she plays eight different characters.[22]

Not long after her AV debut, Hara had a role in the Nikkatsu sex comedy about the porn industry, Lala Pipo, written by Tetsuya Nakashima, which reached theatres in February 2009.[5][23] In April of that same year, Hara had a featured part in the disaster-parody comedy Saikin-rettō and also sang the theme song for the movie.[5][24][25] July 2009 saw her play the protagonist in kunoichi sexploitation V-Cinema film Female Ninja Spy (隠密くノ一列伝~秘められた女忍び~?) that was also released in an AV version.[26][27]

Hara made a TV appearance with a major role in the late night 24-part manga-based J-dorama series Jōō Virgin, which was broadcast on TV Tokyo from October to December 2009. Also in the cast were fellow AV actresses Yuma Asami, Akiho Yoshizawa and Sora Aoi.[28][29]

On December 11, 2009, Shueisha published Hara's autobiography titled My Real Name Is Mai Kato: Why I Became an AV Actress (本名、加藤まい 私がAV女優になった理由) (ISBN 4087805409).[3][5][30] The 144 page book details Hara's upbringing and family life, her views on sex and her career as a teen idol and eventual AV idol.[17][18] Her book is one of a number of autobiographical publications by actresses about the AV industry going back to Ai Iijima's million-selling Platonic Sex and including Mihiro's partially fictional May 2009 work nude and Honoka's tell-all Biography of Honoka: Mama, I Love You published in January 2010, which adult media reporter Rio Yasuda sees as marking a trend in which the AV industry is losing its stigma and being assimilated into Japanese popular culture.[31]

2010 activities[edit]

Hara continued her AV career with SOD in 2010 including the January release Real Celebrity Saori Hara: 22 Years Old – Awakening Sexual Desire[32] and the August SOD Star x SOD Cinderella – Mega Gangbang where the plot revolves around "veteran" SOD actresses being paired against newcomers.[33] She was the winner of Adult Broadcasting Award for Best Actress in March 2010 for her 2009 appearances on adult channel Midnight Blue.[34][35]

Hara's presence in mainstream films was maintained in 2010 with her role as an aromatherapy client in Yuriko's Aroma (ユリ子のアロマ Yuriko no Aroma?), which debuted at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in February and was released theatrically in May.[36][37] She also co-starred with Asami Sugiura and Mint Suzuki in the 2010 horror parody Horny House of Horror.

According to an 2010 article in Shukan Post, Hara and Maria Ozawa were the two most downloaded AV actresses in China[5] and in August 2010, it was announced that Hara was cast with fellow SOD actress Yukiko Suo (周防ゆきこ Suō Yukiko?) for the US$3.2 million 3-D Hong Kong erotic film 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy produced by Stephen Shiu who was the executive producer of the Category III film Sex and Zen.[38][39][40] The film opened in April 2011.


Hara reportedly went through a nervous breakdown following the March 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and decided to retire from show business, subsequently terminating her contract with SOD. As of April 2011, 3D Sex and Zen co-star Yukiko Suo said that she had not been able to contact Hara after the events.[41][42] Her last original adult video, Real Celebrity Saori Hara vs. Amateur Men: Gonzo Initiation, was released on May 19, 2011. She announced her official retirement in August 2011[43][44] and a 5-disc compilation set marking her formal retirement that also featured some previously non-released scenes appeared on September 8, 2011.[45]

Before her retirement Hara also appeared as the lead actress in the Japanese-directed British-produced art film, Venus In Eros which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2011[46] and was released as a feature film in Japan in October 2012.[47]

In 2011, Complex magazine ranked her at #19 in their list of “The Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars of All Time.”[48]

Return to Entertainment Industry[edit]

After an absence of more than two years, in February 2014, Hara announced her return to the entertainment industry under the performing name Miyabi Matsunoi, given to her by actor Lily Franky (リリー・フランキー?).[49][50] She revealed that for a while after her retirement she had been working part-time in a Ginza bar and that after a short courtship, she had married a man 24 years her senior in October 2012.[49][50] According to an article in Nikkan Sports her new start will not involve the AV industry, as she now wants to engage in entertainment activities that her mother would approve of.[50] She also said she had been depressed and was drinking heavily before her retirement from adult videos.[51]

Matsunoi appeared in the April 21, 2014 issue of Weekly Playboy in a nude photo spread under the headline "Rebirth."[52]

In 2015, Matsunoi was cast along Masahiro Inoue in the television series Garo: Gold Storm Sho.

Selected filmography[edit]


Video title[53] Release date Studio Director Notes
Shin Yamagishi Digital Movie Museum: Mai Nanami[11]
山岸伸 デジタルムービーミュージアム 七海まい
2005-08-24 Geneon
Shin Yamagishi as Mai Nanami
Gravure (non-nude) video
Clear Water[14]
原紗央莉 Clear water
2008-08-22 FORM-009 Gravure (non-nude) video


Video title[53] Release date Studio Director Notes
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Miraculous AV Debut
芸能人 原紗央莉 奇跡のAVデビュー
Geinōjin Hara Saori Kiseki no AV Debut
2009-01-22 SOD Star
Yoshiaki Nomoto
AV debut
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Hot Plays and Embarrassing Exposure in the Southern Island
芸能人 原紗央莉 南の島×超ギリ2デジタルモザイクで、恥ずかしいトコまで全部見えてしまいました
2009-02-19 SOD Star
Yoshiaki Nomoto
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Hey, Which Costume She's Wearing You Like the Best?
芸能人 原紗央莉 「ねえ、どんな服着てる女の人が好き?」
2009-03-19 SOD Star
Norihito Honda
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: The Perfect Star Is Born
芸能人 原紗央莉 パーフェクト女優誕生
2009-04-18 SOD Star
Keita★No.1 with Yu Haruka, Yuri Amami, Ryo Akanishi & Naho
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Brown Eyes
芸能人 原紗央莉 brown eyes
2009-05-21 SOD Star
Company Matsuo hamedori with Company Matsuo
In the Nude
裸体 原紗央莉
2009-06-01 Shuffle Believe
Masaki Takasaka Gravure (non-sex) video
SOD 2009 Yearbook First Quarter (January–March) Works
SOD年鑑 2009年第1期(1月~3月)作品集
2009-06-04 SOD
Compilation with Hitomi, Azusa Itagaki, Sasa Handa & Kotono
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Super Gorgeous Massage Girl Special
芸能人 原紗央莉 超高級ソープ嬢Special inspire WATERPOLE
2009-06-18 SOD Star
Hajime Yarigasaki
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Facial Cum Clinic
芸能人 原紗央莉 顔面射精クリニック
2009-07-23 SOD Star
Female Ninja Spy (Hardcore)
2009-07-24 GP Museum
Jiro Ishikawa AV cut of V-Cinema film with Akira Hoshino
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Make Me Crazy in Ecstasy
芸能人 原紗央莉 アクメで殺して――
2009-08-20 SOD Star
Yoshinori Kasuga
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Walking On the Street Without Wearing Underpants
芸能人 原紗央莉 超ミニスカでノーパンで街中デート
2009-09-19 SOD Star
Masahiro Kasahara
Erocute / Saori Hara
2009-09-29 Orustak Pictures
越智徹 Gravure (non-sex) video
SOD First Half 2009 Best 10 Star Actresses
2009年上半期BEST10 SOD STAR女優編
2009-10-08 SOD
Compilation with Hitomi, Kotono, Sasa Handa, Azusa Itagaki & Non Yazawa
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Handjob, Dirty Talk, Molestation ~ Wish Ravishing Such A Woman ~
芸能人 原紗央莉 手コキ・淫語・痴漢女~願わくば、こんな女に犯(ヤ)られたい~
2009-10-22 SOD Star
Yukitsugu Tsuchiya
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Schoolgirl Will Help You Masturbate Using Her Soft Hands
芸能人 原紗央莉 女子高生のやわらかい手でオナニーを優しくお手伝いしてあげる。
2009-11-19 SOD Star
Takashi Futakami
Fan Thanksgiving Mixed Bathing Gangbang
2009-12-05 SOD Star
CHAIN宗 with Azusa Itagaki, Sasa Handa & Sakura Aida
SOD 2009 Yearbook Third Quarter (July–September) Works
SOD年鑑 2009年第3期(7月~9月)作品集
2009-12-05 SOD
Compilation with Sakura Aida, Azusa Itagaki, Sasa Handa & Kotono
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: 8 Changes and Sweet Sex
芸能人 原紗央莉 8人の原紗央莉と甘く濃厚なセックスを。
2009-12-19 SOD Star


Video title[53] Release date Studio Director Notes
108 School Girls Annihilation
SOFT ON DEMAND 女子高生108人斬り
2010-01-07 SOD
Compilation with Azusa Itagaki, Sasa Handa, Kotono, Sakura Aida
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: 22 Years Old – Awakening Sexual Desire
芸能人 原紗央莉 22歳、性欲、覚醒
2010-01-21 SOD Star
Minami Haou
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Molester Hell
芸能人 原紗央莉 号泣激痴漢地獄~外道~
2010-02-18 SOD Star
Hideyuki Shinbo
SOD 2009 Yearbook Fourth Quarter (October–December) Works
SOD年鑑 2009年第4期(10月~12月)
2010-03-04 SOD
Compilation with Sakura Aida, Yukiko Suo, Marika & Hina Kurumi
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Time That She Takes Off Her Clothes
芸能人 原紗央莉 愛されキャバ嬢が、ドレスを脱ぐ時。シタくなる時。
2010-03-18 SOD Star
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Frustrated Woman Tempting Ass
芸能人 原紗央莉 欲求不満女はムラムラくる尻で誘う
2010-04-22 SOD Star
Erocute II / Saori Hara
エロキュート II/原紗央莉
2010-04-28 Orustak Pictures
越智徹 Gravure (non-sex) video
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Private Soap 2 Days 1 Night Hot Spring Trip
芸能人 原紗央莉 僕だけの超高級ソープ嬢~1泊2日の恋人温泉旅行~
2010-05-27 SOD Star
Norihito Honda
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Deep Sexual Desire
芸能人 原紗央莉 性欲、進化と深化
2010-06-24 SOD Star
Minami Haou
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Crazy Girl Animal Sex
芸能人 原紗央莉 時には狂ったメスのように・・・
2010-07-22 SOD Star
Minami Haou
Real Celebrity Saori Hara vs. Goro Tameike: Middle-Aged Man Sex Play
芸能人 原紗央莉×溜池ゴロー ネットリぬちょぬちょ、オヤジのねちっこい愛撫に悶える小娘。
2010-08-24 SOD Star
Goro Tameike hamedori with Goro Tameike
SOD Star x SOD Cinderella – Mega Gangbang
SODstar×SODCinderella 濃厚なる大乱交
2010-08-24 SOD Star
with Sakura Aida, Mikuru Shiina, Ai Haneda and Shiori Aiuchi
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Swelter Love Juice Sex
芸能人 原紗央莉 汗まみれ、愛液とSEX
2010-09-23 SOD Star
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Let Her Go Into Men's Spa With Only A Towel
芸能人 原紗央莉 タオル一枚男湯入ってみませんか?スペシャルVer.
2010-10-21 SOD Star
Masaya Morigami
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: B.I.V. Beautiful Impact Vision
B.I.V Beautiful Impact Vision 芸能人 原紗央莉 狂おしいほどリアルなS...
2010-11-18 SOD Star
Minami Haou
Rape Ward
2010-12-07 SOD Star
Kin Ishikawa with Ai Haneda, Rui Saotome, Hitomi Ebihara, Natsumi Horiguchi, Nina, Hinata Tachibana, Noa
~ Ultraluxury Room Service ~ Real Celebrity Saori Hara: First Time Creampie Heaven
~超高級ルームサービス~芸能人 原紗央莉 初中出し天国
2010-12-23 SOD Star


Video title[53] Release date Studio Director Notes
SOD Star – Super Popular AV Idols in Dream Collaboration Won't Be Wetting? Life is Turbulent! Games at SOD Headquarters
SODstar×超人気AV女優 夢のコラボレーション 濡れてはいけない!? 人生は波乱万丈だ!ゲームinSOD本社ビル
2011-01-08 SOD Star
Professor Hitoshi Honda with Ai Haneda, Roa Sumikawa, Nao Mizuki, Nina, Ruri Kobayashi
Real Celebrity Saori Hara Anniversary! 2 Days 1 Night Hot Spring Trip!
芸能人 原紗央莉とイクッ! 1泊2日ヤリまくり温泉バスツアー!
2011-01-20 SOD Star
Masaya Morigami
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Hired by AV Actors for 24 Hours
芸能人 原紗央莉を24時間AV男優にお貸しします
2011-03-19 SOD Star
hamedori with Ken Shimizu and Genjin Moribayashi
3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy
2011-04-14 One Dollar Christopher Suen Produced in Hong Kong, China. Dialogue dubbed into Chinese.
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: High Class Soap Lady Creampie
芸能人 原紗央莉 中出し超高級ソープ嬢
2011-04-21 SOD Star
Real Celebrity Saori Hara vs. Amateur Men: Gonzo Initiation
芸能人 原紗央莉 × 完全ガチンコ素人 リアル童貞初挿入
2011-05-19 SOD Star
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: SOD Retirement
芸能人 原紗央莉 SOD卒業
2011-09-08 SOD Star
special 5-disc compilation set


  • Mai Nanami First Photobook (七海まいファースト写真集?), May 4, 2005 (Eichi Publishing) (ISBN 4754215958)[54]
  • NO NUDE by KISHIN 1 20XX TOKYO, January 28, 2009 (Asahi Press) (ISBN 4255004560)


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