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Tày Sa Pa
Native to Vietnam
Region Sa Pa
Native speakers
300 (2002)[1]
Vietnamese alphabet (by convention)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tys
Glottolog tays1238[2]

Sapa, or Tày Sa Pa, is a Southwestern Tai language of Sa Pa, Lào Cai Province, northern Vietnam. According to Pittayaporn (2009) and Glottolog, it is the closest relative of the Southwestern Tai languages, but does not share the phonological innovations that define that group. There are about 300 speakers.[3] Tày Sa Pa speakers are classified by the Vietnamese as ethnic Tay people, most of whom speak Central Tai languages rather than Southwestern Tai languages. According to Jerold Edmondson, the phonology, tones, and lexicon of Tày Sa Pa is similar to that of Standard Thai.

A similar Southwestern Tai language called Padi [pa31 zi31] is spoken in Mường Khương District, Lao Cai Province.[3] They are classified by the Vietnamese as ethnic Tay people. Edmondson reports about 300 speakers. However, Bùi Quốc Khánh (2013) reports 3,000 Pa Dí people living in 19 natural villages in Mường Khương, Tung Trung Phố, and Nậm Chảy communes of Mường Khương District.


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