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Sapaeans, Sapaei or Sapaioi (Ancient Greek, "Σαπαίοι") were a Thracian[1] tribe close to the Greek city of Abdera. One of their kings was named Abrupolis [2] and had allied himself with the Romans. They ruled Thrace after the Odrysians until its incorporation by the Roman Empire as a province.[3]

Approximate location of the Sapaioi

Sapaean Kings of Thrace[edit]

  • Roman caretaker rules Rhoemetalces III part of Thrace 26-38


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  2. ^ Pausanias, Description of Greece,Achaia,7.10.1,"Perseus, the son of Philip, who was at peace with Rome in accordance with a treaty his father Philip had made, resolved to break the oaths, and leading an army against the Sapaeans and their king Abrupolis, allies of the Romans, made their country desolate. These Sapaeans Archilochus5 mentions in an iambic line.The Macedonians and Perseus were conquered because of this wrong done to the Sapaeans, and afterwards ten Roman senators were sent to arrange the affairs of Macedonia in the best interests of the Romans. When they came to Greece, Callicrates curried favour with them, no form of flattery, whether in word or in deed, being too gross for him to use. One member of the commission, a most dishonorable man, Callicrates so captivated that he actually persuaded him to attend the meeting of the Achaean League."
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