Sapele, Delta

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Sapele is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°54′N 5°40′E / 5.900°N 5.667°E / 5.900; 5.667
Country Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria
State Delta State

Sapele is a city in Delta State, Nigeria.

By the mid-19th century, Sapele was established as a trading village, occasionally visited by Europeans. In 1891, the British government established a vice-consulate at Sapele. The population grew to 33,638 by 1952, including people from many Nigerian tribes.

Today, the city has one of Nigeria's major ports. Its industries include the processing of timber, rubber, and palm oil, as well as furniture, tamarind balm and footwear manufacturing. As of 1995, its population was 135,800. And as of 2005/2006, the population of this advancing city is 142,652. Sapele was one of African biggest timber producer.

Notable people[edit]

Chief J. E. Ovbije, A prominent business man
  • Rev. L. O. Ovbije, An ordained Preacher, Author, Investor and Educator
  • Chief Asagba[Warrant Chief/an Okpe Chief]was the son of Chief Ojegba
  • Chief Omarin [an Okpe Chief]was the son of Etajeme

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Coordinates: 5°54′N 5°40′E / 5.900°N 5.667°E / 5.900; 5.667