Sapno Ka Saudagar

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Sapno Ka Saudagar
Sapno Ka Saudagar.jpg
Directed byMahesh Kaul
Produced byB. Ananthaswami
Written byM. Natesan
StarringRaj Kapoor
Hema Malini
Achala Sachdeva
Durga Khote
Music byShankar Jaikishan
Release date

Sapno Ka Saudagar (lit. The merchant of dreams) is a 1968 Bollywood film. The film is produced by B. Ananthaswami and directed by Mahesh Kaul and stars Raj Kapoor, Hema Malini, Tanuja and Nadira. Originally Vyjayanthimala was offered the lead but she refused and thus Hema Malini took the role which marked her debut in Bollywood. The film's music is by Shankar Jaikishan.

This is the story of Thakur Raibahadur Harnaam Singh (Jayant). The movie begins with what happened 18 years ago, on a Diwali Night. Raibahadur has one year born baby, who had been changed by a banjaran. She was threatening him to treat her well & marry her, because Raibahadur had sexual relationship with banjaran. Now a man comes with unusual dress of khakhi & with red neck tie, red socks- who gives dreams to people suffering. He meets a banjaran girl, Mahi (Hema Malini) who falls in love with this guy, called Raj Kumar / Raju (Raj Kapoor). In the mean while Raibahadur treats Ranjana (Tanuja), daughter of banjaran badly and promises to her, that if nobody does, he will marry her. Mahi is insecure by this incident and tells villagers, that she is pregnant by Raju. The panchayat tells him to marry her, he refuses. Raibahadur comes and persuade villagers to hit Raju & Mahi. They begin and suddenly banjaran comes in the scene and reveals the truth. What was the truth ? Dose the truth save Raju, Mahi & Ranjana?


Sapno Ka Saudagar is Hema Malini's first Hindi film. The title was suggested by B. Ananthaswami.[1]


The soundtrack was composed by Shankar Jaikishan.[2]

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Tum Pyar Se Dekho" Mukesh, Sharda
2 "Nadan Ki Dosti" Lata Mangeshkar
3 "Seekha Nahin Sabak Tune Pyar Ka" Lata Mangeshkar
4 "Sapnon Ka Saudagar Aaya" Mukesh
5 "Woh Zindagi" Mukesh
6 "Maar Doongi Chakkoo" Sharda


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