Sappa Creek

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Sappa Creek
Sappa Creek Bridge 6.jpg
Sappa Creek Bridge spanning the creek
CountryUnited States
StateKansas, Nebraska
Physical characteristics
Source confluence 
 ⁃ locationOberlin, Kansas
 ⁃ coordinates39°47′05″N 100°34′42″W / 39.78472°N 100.57833°W / 39.78472; -100.57833
 ⁃ elevation2,570 ft (780 m)
MouthRepublican River
 ⁃ location
Orleans, Nebraska
 ⁃ coordinates
40°06′52″N 99°28′46″W / 40.11444°N 99.47944°W / 40.11444; -99.47944Coordinates: 40°06′52″N 99°28′46″W / 40.11444°N 99.47944°W / 40.11444; -99.47944[1]
 ⁃ elevation
1,965 ft (599 m)
Length150 mi (240 km)
Basin features

Sappa Creek is a stream in the central Great Plains of North America. A tributary of the Republican River, it flows for 150 miles (240 km) through the American states of Kansas and Nebraska.[2]


Sappa Creek originates in the High Plains of northwest Kansas.[3] It is formed by the confluence of North Fork Sappa Creek and South Fork Sappa Creek located roughly 3.5 miles (5.6 km) southwest of Oberlin, Kansas in Decatur County.[4] From there, in flows generally northeast into south-central Nebraska.[3] In west-central Harlan County, Nebraska, it joins the Republican River.[2]

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