Sapphire Rapids

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Sapphire Rapids
General information
Launched2021; 0 years ago (2021)
Designed byIntel
Architecture and classification
Min. feature sizeIntel 10 nm Enhanced SuperFin (10ESF)
MicroarchitectureGolden Cove
Products, models, variants
Brand name(s)
    • Xeon
PredecessorIce Lake-SP (1S and 2S systems)
Cooper Lake (4S and 8S systems)
SuccessorGranite Rapids

Sapphire Rapids is a codename for Intel's next generation Xeon server processors based on the 3rd refinement of the 10 nanometer process (named 10 nm Enhanced SuperFin or 10ESF).[1][2] Sapphire Rapids CPUs are designed for data centers; the roughly contemporary Alder Lake is intended for the wider public.[3]

Sapphire Rapids will be used as part of the Eagle Stream server platform in 2021.[4] In addition, it will be powering one of the first exascale supercomputers in the United States, Aurora, at Argonne National Laboratory.[5]




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