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Korea-Jeonju-Sapsal dog in front of a Hanok Village-01.jpg
Other namesSapsal Gae
OriginSouth Korea
Breed statusNot recognized as a breed by any major kennel club.
Dog (domestic dog)

The Sapsali (Korean: 삽살이) is a shaggy South Korean breed of dog. The word is followed in Korean by either gae (meaning "dog") or the suffix ee / i, but is also romanized as Sapsaree.


Korean Sapsali (Female, 65 lbs, 6 yrs old) from the Chungju Lake area, South Korea
Kim Duryang-Sapsalgae-1743.jpg

The breed were slaughtered in large numbers by the Japanese when Korea was under Japanese rule to make winter coats for its military in Manchuria.[1] Near extinction in the mid-1980s, the breed was revived using the eight remaining dogs.[1]

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